What are Terpenes?

The word Terpene is derived from “Turpentine”, a liquid created by distilling resin from living trees. Terpene is a group of compounds that cover all flora and fauna as a defense against herbivores (strong odors) and attract pollinators (sweet fruity).

They make up most of the essential oils from medicinal plants and flowers, they are used in the cosmetic industry for their fragrance, for developing medicines, aromatherapy etc. Cannabis is among the plants that possess the highest levels of these compounds, which results in its “cannabis” odor from Linalool. Smell a lemon, you are smelling Limonene. Foods, flowers, natural plant odors are all around us, these are from Terpenes.

Each ‘high’ associated with cannabis is connected to a Terpene, for example for a happy mood boost look for Ocimene in the Terpene panel, or Myrcene for a sedative effect.

Let’s meet a few and get to know how they can help us choose pot for the flavour, mood or malady that you want to. Once you know what Terpene pallet you like you can easily choose a new pot to switch it up or to address a new need for sleep. You’ll begin to notice the Terpenes that have the flavours and odor you like, or don’t like.


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