Welcome to Frontier Cannabis, the only cannabis store on Haida Gwaii! We are an independent and locally owned store located in Daajing Giids (Queen Charlotte), offering a wide variety of high quality cannabis products and accessories. At Frontier Cannabis we strive to create a safe and informative space for the community, with a strong focus on health and wellbeing. Our staff is here to help, talk, and share 7 days a week.

Frontier Cannabis began through a passion to expand the quality of resources available to remote communities, and to diversify and provide education on the medicinal properties cannabis can offer. Brionne Lavoie is the owner and founder of Frontier Cannabis, and having grown up on Haida Gwaii, he is driven to bring more options and increased resources to the community and people who supported him. At Frontier Cannabis we know first hand the positive benefits cannabis can provide, and are dedicated to offering those same benefits to everyone who comes into the store.



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Haida Gwaii, British Columbia